About OnPoint Consulting

Every client’s needs are unique, each organization is subject to different influences and parameters and from project to project the variables change. Recognizing these simple, logical truths is at the core of what we do. We understand that no product or tool is one size fits all, which is why the OnPoint team has taken a “tool agnostic” approach.

Precisely because we don’t subscribe to any one tool or singular methodology, we are able to be as fluid and adaptable as each client’s unique needs require. By not pigeon holing our consultants with the limitations of any single solution, the needs of our clients are, likewise, not forced into one crude fix-all.

The OnPoint approach weighs the needs of every organization independently in order to determine the best method and tool to suit their specific requirements. OnPoint Consulting was founded by experienced professionals that believe deeply in delivering value added service to each client organization. Every member of the OnPoint team has been selected because of their shared commitment to this mission of adding value through service. It is in the pursuit of this aim that OnPoint has distinguished itself most significantly from other firms.

The capstone of OnPoint’s consulting paradigm is a proprietary metrics driven approach. Using metrics, our consultants are able to provide clients with invaluable performance data, including evaluation of their IT dollar. With this level of insight into client budgets, our consultants can go even further to advise how best to allocate an organizations IT capital.