BI - Business Intelligence / Reporting

Leveraging business intelligence consulting makes it easy to access information, and with the proliferation of connected systems, there is more data than ever to manage and understand. What about the quality of that data? OnPoint’s business intelligence consulting will enable your organization to establish a single, consistent version of the truth that can support effective decisions from the mailroom to the boardroom.

Business Process Modeling

A single, consistent and quality-assured data warehouse is the backbone of any organization’s analytics. The framing of the business intelligence consulting engagement is vital in determining the best path for planning out of your business intelligence solution.

We employ industry best practices and draw on significant dimensional modeling experience to create the data mart or data warehouse design that will both meet your current requirements and allow your organization to grow and add capabilities. OnPoint’s business intelligence consulting model primarily uses the Microsoft SQL Server database engine for data mart and data warehouse design.

Data Migration

Business intelligence consulting allows you to make sense of the many data migration options available today. There are a wide variety of systems that can provide electronic records of business activities. These systems make an effective Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) strategy essential for getting all of the information cleansed, enhanced, quality-assured, and residing in a single repository. Leveraging SQL Server Integration Services and Data Transformation Services, OnPoint is able to achieve a high level of data quality.

Consolidated Business Performance Metrics

OnPoint uses the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) to create a single data source that consolidates and makes your business metrics available within the organization. The UDM makes it possible to use analytics not only to report what has happened, but also to use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to define what should happen.

The UDM in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides robust role-based security, superior performance through pre-cached aggregations, and complex business metrics using multidimensional expressions (MDX). Our proven business intelligence consulting methodology guarantees your organization targets the appropriate KPIs.


Aligning the presentation layer of the data with the needs of the business stakeholders and your organization’s business drivers will ensure the data is well-understood and actionable. From rich visualization tools, to performance management dashboards, formatted reports, or snapshots distributed to your mobile workforce’s PDAs, OnPoint uses PerformancePoint Server, SQL Server Reporting Services,

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and Excel Services to ensure that the right people have the right information at hand. Equally important to the way analytics looks, is the way analytics change your organization and increase capabilities through new ways of looking at information. OnPoint uses the BI Maturity Model and the Business Process Infrastructure Optimization (BPIO) process to assist organizations in integrating these business intelligence consulting solutions effectively.