Our Approach

Using a consultative product-agnostic approach, OnPoint reviews current organizational processes, technologies, and systems and make validations and recommendations. Our approach follows an iterative methodology, which allows for improved and accurate requirements definition while adhering to project direction and deadlines through an open dialogue of communication between our clients and consultants.

Our methodology begins with Vision Definition and Discovery phase. The defined implementation then moves through iterative stages of understanding the current state, designing the future state, implementing the design, and obtaining feedback.

We believe in implementing as quickly as our clients see value and helping our clients to inherit a discipline of Continuous Process Improvement to further optimize their processes.

Our experience has evolved a prioritization strategy that first identifies and addresses processes with large potential cost savings to maximize their return on investment. Through meetings and discussions within focused areas of an organization and reviews of current documented processes, we will identify solutions that address day-to-day needs with high ROI potential.