Enterprise Portfolio Management Consulting

Enterprise Portfolio Management (also referred to as EPM) provides a framework for organizations who seek to better manage the application of their resources towards the promotion of their business drivers while accounting for their own unique constraints.

Traditionally, a lot of organizations approach each year’s portfolio selection with unhealthy doses gut and politics. It seems that the big picture is often compromised because measuring one business case against any other proves too difficult.

Then it becomes a matter of the loudest voice or most impressive title getting the attention. Politics are an unavoidable reality in business, but they still should not completely replace a solid metrics-driven approach to decision making.

OnPoint Consulting employs a well-defined approach to portfolio management that considers each facet of the decision making process including drivers, constraints, and yes, even politics. Once these data points have been collected, we can model various portfolio selection scenarios to help you visualize the impacts of each decision before it is actually made.

Then, over time, historical evaluations can be done to determine if the organization has realized the projected value from the portfolio to help better their decision making abilities going forward.