Microsoft Portfolio Server

Like Microsoft Project Server, Portfolio Server is not a tool that can be simply installed, turned on, and deployed within an enterprise. It too requires a deliberate approach so that proper attention is paid to the system’s scalability, process change management, etc. In this deployment, perhaps more than any other, executive engagement is a must. The tool is based, almost entirely, upon executive motivations. The tool cannot provide its value without that input.

To gather this data, OnPoint Consulting will often conduct short, concise executive workshops. During these events, stakeholders will be educated about the tool and other necessary process changes. From there, they will be lead through a requirements gathering exercise. In the end, an Excel Workbook will be constructed for each participant that will contain all of their necessary input.

Once this has been done, the tool is configured and readied for business casing.

Finally, a portfolio manager or administrator will be trained to support the selection modeling process that will occur periodically on behalf of the executive stakeholders to assist them in their portfolio management process.