Technology Consulting

OnPoint Consulting’s Technology Consulting Practice was established around two guiding principles. First, in every engagement, we seek to create a culture of partnership between our team and our client.

This allows for better communication and greater efficiency throughout the delivery of the solution. As we like to say, “Our teams will never attempt to solve a problem in a vacuum”.

Second, with every application of technology, we seek to provide real value to our customer. In other words, it would be very easy to approach each challenge with a pre-defined technology solution to sell. It is how many consulting firms stay in business.

Instead, we choose to take a more measured approach. Though we obviously have well-formed opinions regarding various tool-sets, and are in fact a partner to some very good software companies, we work very hard to represent each customer’s best interests.

To accomplish this, we adhere to the following methodology:

  1. Analyze the challenge to diagnose the problem
  2. Analyze the supporting business processes to determine undo risks and inefficiencies
  3. Analyze the current technology stack to understand what is readily available and supported
  4. Determine gaps within the current technology stack
  5. Develop a solution leveraging as much of the current infrastructure as possible
  6. Develop business cases to define any remaining technological deficiencies
  7. Help conduct product analysis and selection criteria to guide customers through selection
    and negotiation process
  8. Deploy solution

By staying true to our principles, we have been able to maintain long-standing relationships with each of our clients. To us, this is the definition of a successful engagement.