Case Study: Enterprise Project Management


In the wake of a merger, one of the world’s leading commodities trading companies needed a tighter rein on its IT delivery and support initiatives.


A Delivery Management Office (DMO) was formed to provide the structure that the organization previously lacked. Through this DMO, OnPoint Consulting was brought in to provide the requisite PM tools and best practice methodologies. Recognizing the current strain brought about by the merger, user adoption was of great concern. To account for this, our team developed an incentive-based approach that would reward PMs for using the new system we were implementing.

Initially, we found that one of the greatest difficulties the users faced was in creating weekly steering committee reports for their projects. The production of these status reports consumed as much as 40% of the PMs time each week. Once the PM was using the new system properly, we were able to give them push-button, automated reports in a matter of seconds. Additionally, executives were able to pull aggregated views of these reports to objectively compare their projects.


By applying a user focused approach to a project fraught with potential Change Management perils, OnPoint Consulting was able to foster a partnership with the PMs to ensure that the end product was value driven, well designed, and utilized to its fullest potential.